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Culture hack: is your corporate culture holding back innovation?

Coming up at Metta HK: get your ticket here

You’re up against the challenge of keeping relevant and resilient in the face of digital disruption, rapid automation, the rise of peer-to-peer networks, resource pressures and shifting attitudes towards society and sustainability. You know you need to become more agile, responding to change as it happens, rather than sticking to a set plan. You want to try out some different tricks, learn as you go. But even if your board says the same thing, something is stopping you. And that something is culture. Every company has a culture, and most are primed for efficiency: the very opposite of a culture conducive to innovation. The good news is that you can help hack your company culture! Come and learn about the foundations of an innovation-friendly organization, and find your own starting point. Join us at Metta HK for an evening hacking working culture to unleash innovation.

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