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How can Hong Kong become Asia's greenest city?

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There’s no doubt Hong Kong is lagging behind other cities in Asia when it comes to sustainability. Singapore has carved out a reputation for green architecture and landscape design (from Tree House to Gardens by the Bay), topping green league tables alongside Seoul and Tokyo. Meanwhile, China has taken centre-stage in the global push to counter pollution through renewable energy and cleantech.

So what can Hong Kong do to up its game? What assets are already in its favour? What’s getting in the way? Who could step up and take a lead? We’ll delve into the question from three angles:

  • Industry

  • Lifestyle

  • Natural resources

Please come ready to share one idea to propel Hong Kong towards its futures as a sustainability leader! Conversation led by Anna Simpson, Curator of the Futures Centre and Chief Innovation Coach, Flux Compass. Sign up here.

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